Wednesday, July 18, 2012

The Sweet Silver Lining

At times it seems as though the majority of life is a big dark and rainy cloud and the good and perfect and happy times only occupy a small silver lining alongside it. Maybe at times that isn't true but for when it is, I think it makes those perfect moments even more meaningful. It is true that today marks two months ago that Jared left me and looking back I thought I had lost everything and that I would never be the same, well that was my reality then but now it is hard to even remember the pain and heart break I felt. I realize that I am very lucky and that it doesn't always happen like this for most and that things happened very fast for me but at the same time I think it is also due to my willingness to fall all over again even though I still had some unhealed wounds.

The truth is that love is a giant risk and it's not always certain or fair and it's hard. But that's what makes it so irresistible and worth it for those who keep fighting. It's more than just wanting to spend time with them or finding them attractive or liking the feel of their kiss. When you find that love that really makes it, the one that you seal your forever with and grow old with; that love just consumes you. It's the love where you don't have to pretend that you are stubbornly crazy about them, you don't have to be someone else around them, you don't have to settle for an under grade  happiness. You really truly just instantly smile when you think about them, you aren't afraid to speak your mind to them and tell them when your upset because you know they will stay and talk it through with you. Most importantly it is the most wonderful kind of love where you don't ever worry if they love you too or as much as you do for them because you can just feel it everyday and they tell you. It's pure happiness even when it isn't going as planned and you hit some road bumps and you are angry or disappointed; even through those times you can still see that silver lining keeping you together, making you smile again and again. Love can be as great and beautiful as the sky but it will never be a full happiness and lasting love unless you have and keep that sweet silver lining.

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  1. You are so strong and I love you! I am glad that you are happy and have found someone that makes you feel like this again!