Sunday, October 31, 2010


So as I've been getting to know different guys, I've decided they're like ice-cream flavors. I had found a really good one a year ago this day and it was my new favorite. It was seemingly perfect until however, when I dug deep down, I found a whole bunch of almonds and peanuts, that made the ice-cream less perfect but for some reason I just ignored they were there even though I hate peanuts.. the bottom line was that I loved that ice-cream but inevitably I choked on the peanuts and it all of a sudden gave me an allergic reaction so I can't have that ice-cream anymore.. but it's okay because now I'm searching for my new favorite. It seems that I keep falling upon nice, decent, favorable flavors but they always have some little ingredient that I can't stand. They're always missing something and I'm not quite sure what. The perfect ice-cream I am waiting for has chocolate and vanilla flavor blended together with chocolate chips and cookie dough pieces and brownie bites all with warm fudge drizzled on top and maybe a perfectly ripened strawberry on top? :) I can't wait till that ice-cream comes along, until then I just make the best of the flavors that come to me now.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

why think?

For some reason, I feel it necessary at times to just think. I don't mean just simply a thought like thinking about what you ate for breakfast but a deep session of just thinking. It seems kind of weird to me I guess mostly because I can't seem to really do anything else or I seem like I am depressed until that huge session of streaming thought is finished.. Maybe it's not just me.. I think everybody has their own "thought sessions" it's just in their own way. This idea especially comes into play when I am trying to write a song or when little blurps of a lyric come to mind, then it just drives me crazy! well anyway that was my thought on thinking.. ha I'm so weird.
Well I just started up this Blog business so we will see how it goes!