Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Remember When? Some things never change..

I guess for a few days I have been thinking about the past a bit. Just things I have done and things I didn't and some things that changed and some things that never will. When I was little Heather was my best friend, we had normal fights like any other siblings but I could never bring myself to hate her like sadly, some people let happen. From when I was three and she was six she has been there for me and now I'm almost 19 and she is 21 and she is still taking care of me. It is kinda crazy to see how much we have grown up and the things we've been through and the amazing woman she has become but some things like sisters being best friends FOREVER will never change. It is also crazy to think that two years ago my family had no interest in the church and my little siblings were getting more and more lost. Who knew after 5 years of hoping and praying, I was sealed to them last year! I know now that people and things DO change if it is God's will he will find a way. 6 years ago I met the sweetest and cutest girl ever who knew I needed a friend and who knew that although we were pretty opposite as far as personalities go, we clicked and she became my best friend and I truly believe one for life. Things have changed, we have moved away and she is now happily married and we don't get to talk as much but I can still feel her love and support for me. No matter what happens that friendship we have built will never go away. My little sister is starting Jr. High this year, I can't believe how long ago that seems for me! I was so little and let's admit, not on the attractive side lol and also terrified! Jr. High was some hard times and I'll admit I am scared for her! And that is another thing that will never change, Jr. High sucks. end of story haha. I also remember when I was 16 and I met this crazy blonde haired boy and took him on a date. Soon after that, we became some sort of thing I guess and then I thought for sure I was in real love with him. Although we haven't always had the best of times and we broke apart a few times, he was always one of my dearest friends and I would have done anything for him in a heartbeat. Who could have guessed that almost two and a half years later, I still get butterflies when he holds my hand and I still dream of being with him forever and we are still the best of friends and he still knows exactly what I'm thinking sometimes and he knows just how to make things better and when I'm about to cry and if I'm lying ( I could do without that one..) and I still can't picture my life without him. Of all the things I do remember and all the things that have changed, could change or will change and all that life has taught me and brought me to up to this point is that a life without love isn't complete. No matter what you find and invest your love in, there must be something. "The greatest thing you'll ever learn is just to love and be loved in return." I remember the day I fell for him and I am still in love with Jared Handley and that will never change.