Thursday, January 27, 2011

The Song Stuck In My Head

Let's just admit it that I have seen this thing they call love never work out. I've been deserted and I've been hurt too many times before. But now you're here standing in front of me and I just can't stop from thinking..
      Your smile is like the stars I can't describe. Your eyes are like the perfect sunrise and your laugh is like the song stuck in my head, it goes la la la la.
You come close to me, I start trembling because I still can't beleive that it's true. You make my heart race when I look at you're face telling me that you'll never leave and then I think..
      Your smile is like the stars I can't describe. Your eyes are like the perfect sunrise and your laugh is like the song stuck in my head, it goes la la la la.
Yes here it is, right before me. I can see it.. Could this be my happy ending? Now I'm letting go, falling for everything and finally I want to tell you what's been on my mind..
      Your smile is like the stars I can't describe. Your eyes are like the perfect sunrise. Your laugh is still stuck in my head, goin la la la love. Your hands are my safest anchor and your kiss takes me far away and the voice that says we're going to make it, it goes la la la la love. Now I sing la la la la love. La la la la love.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

When Faith Is All I Have

More things deny the presence of God than the things that can't help but show there is. I have sadly come to find out this statement is true in the world today, but why? Some say it is because he is merciless and yet we all have a hope inside us that he is when we reach judgement day. Some say it is because he doesn't answer our prayers and yet we fail to be quiet enough to hear him. Others make the claim that we came from the natural occurrences of nature and space and yet the phenomenal wonders of the human brain and even the miracle of birth gives doubt to that. Many will say it is because they haven't seen any signs of his hand in their life but then again they wake up every morning still breathing, they just barely missed that car at the intersection, they passed that final exam they didn't study for, their spouse made it through the surgery without any complications. Yet, for all the other times that a loved one didn't wake up that morning, that car hit you, you failed the final exam, and the surgery didn't go as planned.. well that is what we call life and it has to happen to everybody. Don't ever think that because something you are going through is really hurting you and making your life miserable that it must mean there is no God or that he must not love you as much as everyone else. When you say that, you are telling everyone around you that whatever they are going through or will go through doesn't matter because you have it worse and you hurt worse. The thing to realize here is that it is life. We have to go through hell and walk on nails and fall to the ground and not just once, again and again. But after you have tasted the bitter, than comes the sweet. If the bitter and hard things become more important or bring you down, the good things aren't worth it anymore. We have to fight for the good things in the world. I have found that the more good you try to find, the more evil that comes. Well, just keep fighting. I don't have proof. I don't have evidence. I can't even make a promise. But this is when it counts. This is when I have to hold on, I have to fight. This is when faith is all I have.

Saturday, January 15, 2011


Along with thousands of other young women in this world, I have had my heart broken one too many times. What crosses the line between learning your lesson and not falling into the same cycles over and over again versus picking yourself up, drying the tears and simply opening up and trusting? What is it that makes individuals trust that new person or even in some instances the same person again? Is it just the hope that you will feel alive and whole again? Is it the assumption that it will be different this time and that the same phrase will be repeated that "he is different"? Is it the belief that you have finally found someone of real worth and much better than the one before? I don't think anybody really knows these answers, I think that's maybe just what love's about. Not knowing what's going to happen or how long it will last. They call it "falling" in love because when you fall, it's different every time and you're not sure if you will hit the ground hard and fast or if that someone will catch you. Falling is an action that requires you to just let go. Be warned that the harder you do fall, the harder it will be to say goodbye when it ends and the worse the heart break but try not to let that reality stop you. Love is sweet and good. It brings out the best in you and sometimes the worst. It brings new meaning to your life and makes everything seem more worth it and almost literally makes everything spring into life. So the only thing I can think of to do is to just keep letting love in, surrender your heart, keep falling without thinking you're just going to hit that ground again. A life without love would be empty so even if you do just end up getting hurt, I believe it is better than not having had it at all.